8 Days beach Yoga Retreat on mythical Zanzibar 

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A yoga retreat in mythical Zanzibar

Calm your soul and focus your mind, by connecting movement and breath during our yoga retreat in magical Zanzibar. 
Yoga helps you to balance your body and your soul better, learn to quiet down your mind, to have a positive outlook on life, to become your own life designer as well as experiencing the physical benefits of stretching and staying fit. 
We take you to the white palm beaches of magical Zanzibar where you connect to the healing power of the sea. 

Daily yoga classes are the basis of this special retreat for beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga lovers.
We will also spoil your soul with meditative beach days, local culture and cuisine and activities that will connect you with the nature and wildlife of this mythical archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

Highlights: What to Expect?
  • 7 sunrise and sunset hatha yoga sessions on the beach or/and in yoga studio with a professional instructor, for beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga lovers.
  • A magic night in Stone Town with famous African sunset, live Taarab music & high cuisine
  • A week in South East coast of Zanzibar at an All Inclusive beachfront resort.
  • Unique nature of Zanzibar: giant tortoises, endemic red colobus monkeys, swimming with sea turtles and with wild dolphins
  • 9 incorporated blended excursions and activities not-to-miss in Zanzibar with professional English-speaking guide
  • Safaris to world-famous Tanzanian National Parks at 10% discount for yoga retreat members
  • Optional African dance workshop
  • For those who are into parties: explore the night life of Zanzibar at vibrant beach party
  • 1 gift SPA treatment/massage of your choice
  • Gift card after your trip

Your dream Yoga Retreat in Zanzibar's beach paradise

  • Day 1: Arrival to Zanzibar. Introductory Dinner, Sunset & Zanzibar Music
  • Activities: 
    Rooftop Bar Sunset Viewing,
    Introduction Dinner

Welcome to Zanzibar! Upon your arrival at the main island of the archipelago, our driver will pick you up at Zanzibar Airport and transfer you to a unique palace-hotel in the heart of Stone Town. 

After watching a beautiful sunset from a rooftop bar of your hotel, you will be treated to a 3-course menu and entertained with music, sitting in a traditional Swahili way on the cushions by low tables. The musicians of the Dhow Countries Music Academy come over to play several traditional Taarab songs (a music style born in Zanzibar).

  • Overnight: Emerson on Hurumzi
  • Meal plan: dinner

Day 2: Prison Island, Stone Town & Spice Tour. South East Coast

  • Activities:
    Prison Island (meet the giant tortoises)
    Stone Town sightseeing
    Spice Farm
    Beach time
    Kae Funk Sunset party

Spice up your journey with this unique combo experience from dawn till dusk!

Prison Island

A 40-minute motor boat ride will take us to Prison Island, where we will closely interact with the most iconic creatures of Zanzibar; giant Seychellois tortoises, which can be hand-fed with leaves and stroked.

The fauna of Prison island also includes peacocks, fluffy pigeons and dwarf antelopes (duikers). Our guide will tell you the unusual history of the island and the origin of its name.

Stone Town

Your captain will take you back to Unguja, the main island, and, with our dedicated Zanzibar guide by your side, you’ll walk through the labyrinths of narrow streets of the heart of Zanzibar.
Old city, Stone Town, is listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will see pre-colonial architecture, local restaurants, street vendors, Zanzibar street food, a vibrant market, narrow stone streets and, of course, legendary massive carved doors of Zanzibar. You may take a look at the souvenir shops and jewelry stores to admire the beauty and the magical properties of Tanzanites, precious stones found exclusively in Tanzania. Marvel at the colorful paintings of Zanzibar artists, hear about the dark pages of history of the slave trade, see the family house where the Queen’s singer, Freddie Mercury, was born and raised.

Spice Farm

Spice plantations are the pride and wealth of the Zanzibar archipelago. Zanzibar is one of the world’s largest exporters of spices. Therefore, it will be worthwhile to see how cloves, black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, various tropical fruit and many more grown here.

On this informative Spice Tour, you will also learn the history of the development of this industry in Zanzibar, methods of processing spices, and you can decide to purchase high-quality fresh spices and spice mixes for your culinary experiments.
In the afternoon, we will arrive at our resort in Bwejuu for lunch and afternoon siesta on the beach.
Before sunset, our driver will pick you again for your evening adventure.

Sunset party

Kae Funk’s sunset party is a vibrant affair, full of pulsating beats and laid-back vibes. Against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset, you can dance to eclectic tunes or just sip on refreshing cocktails. You will enjoy the colors of the setting African sun, music, nature, ocean, mangroves beach, and a mixed community of travelers and locals celebrating this wonderful day of life.

  • Overnight: Indigo Beach Zanzibar Boutique Hotel
  • Meal plan: All Inclusive

Day 3: Zanzibar, South East Coast, Bwejuu Beach

  • Activities:
    Sunrise yoga session
    Beach time
    Extra optional activities (ask us more)

The morning yoga session on Bwejuu Beach in Zanzibar, guided by our dedicated instructor, promises to be a serene experience to greet a new day. As the sun rises over the horizon, you will gather on the soft sand, surrounded by the gentle sounds of the ocean.

With expert guidance, you’ll flow through sun salutations, stretch into invigorating asanas, and find inner peace through mindful breathing. It will be a rejuvenating start to the day, harmonizing body, mind, and spirit in the tranquil beauty of the beach.

Spend the rest of the day at your own pace, enjoying the tranquility of your all-inclusive resort and the natural beauty of Bwejuu Beach. Or ask us to select more extra activities to “dig deeper” into Zanzibar archipelago.

  • Overnight: Indigo Beach Zanzibar Boutique Hotel
  • Meal plan: All Inclusive

Day 4: Zanzibar, South East Coast, Bwejuu Beach or optional Wildlife Safari

  • Activities:
    Sunrise yoga session
    Beach time
    Extra optional Wildlife Safari

After your rejuvenating early morning beach yoga session, continue the day at your own pace, enjoying the tranquility of your all-inclusive resort and the natural beauty of Bwejuu Beach.
For those who can’t wait to meet African animals at the arm’s length: join our day trip to Mikumi [hyperlink to:https://lunaswildrides.com/1-day-mikumi-fly-in-safari-from-zanzibar/ ], Selous [hyperlink to: https://lunaswildrides.com/1-day-fly-in-safari-to-nyerere-selous-from-zanzibar/], Mkomazi [hyperlink to: https://lunaswildrides.com/1-day-black-rhino-fly-in-safari-from-zanzibar/ ] or Saadani national parks [hyperlink to: https://lunaswildrides.com/1-day-bush-meets-the-beach-safari-from-zanzibar/] . Take advantage of an exclusive 10% discount for yoga retreat members and experience the raw beauty of Tanzanian wilderness.

  • Overnight: Indigo Beach Zanzibar Boutique Hotel
  • Meal plan: All Inclusive

Day 5: Zanzibar, South East Coast, Bwejuu Beach or optional Wildlife Safari

  • Activities:
    Sunrise yoga session
    Beach time
    Extra optional African dance workshop & Zanzibar beach party

After your rejuvenating early morning beach yoga session, continue the day at your own pace, enjoying the tranquility of your all-inclusive resort and the natural beauty of Bwejuu Beach.
African Dance Workshop
Experience the vibrant sounds and rhythms of Afrobeats, Amapiano, and Hip Hop at our

African Dance Workshop organized especially for your group!

This dynamic dance session offer an exhilarating opportunity to learn, groove and enjoy yourself. Led by expert instructors, you’ll sway and shimmy to the infectious rhythms, all while getting an invigorating workout. Join us and let the music move you!
(Optional extra activity. Extra cost $30 per person)

Zanzibar Beach Party

We will plunge into the nightlife of Zanzibar during an explosive beach party, where you can show off and practice your newly gained skills. Dance to Reggae, Bongo Flavor, Hip Hop and R&B, electronic music. Any moment when you feel that “enough is enough”, our driver will take you back to your beach hotel. (Optional extra activity. Extra cost $30 per person)
Create memories with us!

  • Overnight: Indigo Beach Zanzibar Boutique Hotel
  • Meal plan: All Inclusive

Day 6: Zanzibar: Kizimkazi, Jozani Forest, Paje, Kuza Cave

  • Activities:
    Dolphin trip
    Jozani Forest: Red Colobus monkey & Mangroves
    Seaweed Farm
    Swimming in sacred Kuza Cave
    Sunset yoga session

Join us for an adventure to discover even more of Zanzibar’s secrets on our full-day South East Coast tour.

Kizimkazi Dolphin Tour

Sail to encounter wild dolphins in their natural habitat. Guided by knowledgeable locals, you will cruise through turquoise waters, awaiting the playful creatures to appear. As the dolphins will gracefully surface, you can challenge your agility: jump into the water, chase the dolphins and swim among them. It is a rewarding experience that will connect you with the wild marine life of Zanzibar.
Red Colobus & Mangroves Tour.

In Jozani Forest National Park, you’ll meet the endemic red colobus monkeys, gentle and intelligent creatures that only eat vegetation and won’t annoy visitors. Watch as they interact and care for their young, and marvel at their social behavior. The Jozani flora is also impressive: from the dense fairy-tale jungle with giant ferns and lianas to the mangroves with wooden bridges between the trees standing in the water.

Seaweed Farm

On Paje, the east coast of Zanzibar, local ladies engage in an unusual form of aquaculture – cultivating seaweed. You’ll visit a seaweed farm on your way to a delicious lunch at an excellent restaurant and see the women take care of their underwater plantations, singing songs, and making products from the seaweed. Don’t forget your aquashoes for this excursion.

Swimming in a sacred cave

The Kuza Cave is your next destination in this special tour. Crystal-clear lake over 2 meters deep covers this entire “secret” cave. The gentle turquoise color of the water and these “decorations” of stalactites and stalagmites will amaze you. Bring your snorkeling mask and explore this sacred place beneath the surface. This cave is still considered a sacred place by many locals.
Call it a day with the sunset yoga session, before you enjoy your delicious dinner and a soft bed after a day packed with adventures.

  • Overnight: Indigo Beach Zanzibar Boutique Hotel
  • Meal plan: All Inclusive

Day 7: Zanzibar, Nungwi

  • Activities:
    Sunrise yoga session
    Swimming with Horses or Beach & Village Horseback Ride
    Swimming with turtles
    Beach time in Nungwi
    Nungwi Sunset Cruise

Your day begins with a tranquil morning yoga session on the pristine shores of Bwejuu beach. After breakfast, our driver will meet you at reception to provide you a transfer to Nungwi, Zanzibar’s most northern point.

Experience Nungwi on the horseback

In Nungwi, the options for exploration are abundant. Some may choose to immerse themselves in the unique experience of swimming with horses in the ocean, or exploring the beach and the nearby village on horseback, gaining insights into local culture and daily life. Experienced instructors will expertly guide even complete beginners who are just taking their first steps in the saddle.
(Optional extra activity. Extra cost $65 per person)

Swim with the turtles in natural aquarium

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the natural aquarium to feed and swim alongside majestic and rare sea turtles, marveling at their graceful movements and vibrant marine life in this captivating underwater sanctuary.
As the day progresses, relaxation takes center stage. It is time to unwind and soak up the sun on the idyllic shores of Nungwi Beach. Lounge in the shade of swaying palm trees with a refreshing cocktail, or simply stroll along the soft sandy beaches of this tropical paradise.

Sunset Cruise in Nungwi

The sunset cruise aboard a traditional dhow from Nungwi Beach offers a serene journey through Zanzibar’s coastal waters. You will witness breathtaking sunset views with magical change of colors in the sky. The gentle sail and tranquil ambiance create an unforgettable experience for your final evening in the tropical paradise.

  • Overnight: Indigo Beach Zanzibar Boutique Hotel
  • Meal plan: All Inclusive

Day 8: Departure or continue your adventures in the mainland Tanzania

  • Activities:
    Sunrise yoga session
    Transfer to airport

After your final early morning beach yoga session, if time before your international flight allows, continue your beach relaxation in Bwejuu. Our driver will pick you and transfer you to Zanzibar International airport in a timely manner for your flight back home.

Alternatively, extend your stay and explore Tanzanian nature and culture on one of our special safaris, such as a 2-day Tarangire & Ngorongoro Safari, or this 4-day Lake Manyara, Serengeti & Ngorongoro Safari, and benefit from a 10% discount exclusively for yoga retreat members.

  • Meal plan: breakfast

Good bye! Thank you for traveling with us!

What’s included: 

  • All transfers according to the itinerary
  • All activities and yoga sessions according to the itinerary
  • All entrance fees to attractions and protected areas
  • All government taxes and fees
  • Accommodation according to the itinerary
  • Meals according to the itinerary
  • Drinking water during the transfers and excursions
  • Services of a professional English-speaking driver-guide
  • 1 gift SPA treatment or massage of your choice
  • Giftcard after your trip
  • 24/7 information support from your travel manager and safari coordinator
  • All reservation, travel consultation & admin fees

What’s not included: 

  • Tipping for the drivers and the guides (at your own discretion)
  • Optional extra African dance workshop with all transfers ($30 per person)
  • Optional extra beach party with all transfers ($30 per person)
  • Optional extra Swimming with Horses or Beach and Village Horseback Ride ($65 per person)
  • Optional extra wildlife safari (enjoy our 10% exclusive discount for yoga retreat members)
  • Visa ($50 on arrival or online at https://visa.immigration.go.tz/), 
  • medical insurance
Please note that  we will glady help you arranging the non-included items, if needed. Tipping your drivers and guides is a common practice and shows appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Finally, obtaining a visa and medical insurance is your responsibility, but we are happy to guide you also through these processes, and make it as smooth as possible.
Season dates Price per person Single supplement
Green season
1 Apr- 30 Jun 2024 and 1 Nov - 23 Dec 2024
High season
1 Sep - 31 Oct 2024 and 5 Jan - 28 Feb 2025
Peak season
1 Jul - 31 Aug 2024

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Give yourself this revitalizing yoga retreat, dive deep into Zanzibar and balance your soul:

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