Why it is better and cheaper to book your own domestic flights

First, let us explain the reason why we do not include the prices and tickets for domestic flights in our packages.
The rates for domestic flights can vary enormously depending on the season, the number of free available seats in an airplane, the airline, the type of airplane, etc.

So, if we would include the price of domestic flights in our packages, these prices would either be too high for you, or too low for us.
To be on the safe side, we would have to add a considerable unnecessary mark up.
We try to be the best safari operator. We are not in the business of selling airline tickets.
We want to give you the best value for money. Period!

No worries. We got you covered though!

Once you have selected the dates for your Tanzania adventure and we know your itinerary, we can actively help you in one of two ways. 
You choose what suits you better.

Book the tickets yourself

We are very happy to advice and help you if you want to book the local flights yourself. That is the cheapest way.
There are easy to use online tools to do this, like Skyscanner.com and others. We will be very happy to advice you.
Our expert will find the best deal for you!

We book the tickets for you

After booking your safari with us, you can always ask us to book the flight tickets for you. We will find the best options for your timetable and take care of it. We will tell you the current prices in advance. But you will pay a bit extra for our time.

Airport transfers? Don’t worry

All transfers to and from the airports are included in most of our packages.
Our driver will welcome you and drive you to your hotel or accomodation.
That sevice is included.