Tanzania Day Trips

No time or budget for a week long safari adventure? Don’t worry! We bring you straight from your hotel to the astonishing natural beauty of East Africa’s national parks, with short and unforgettable safari’s. No matter if you are in Arusha, in Zanzibar or Dar es Salaam, our team will make your safari happen for you.

A one or two day safari can be just as intense and mesmerizing as a longer multi day safari. Our highly experienced team of dedicated wild life guides know where the animals are.

And Tanzania has so much more to offer in terms of culture, cuisine, wine, music and ocean activities… We will show you the true Tanzania!

Day trips from Zanzibar
From € 460
1-Day Fly-in Safari to Nyerere (Selous) from Zanzibar
You will board a small aircraft and visit the grandiose Nyerere National Park, formerly known as the Selous Nature Reserve. It is famous for its numerous lion prides, rare and endangered African wild dogs, elephant herds, giraffes, and a variety of landscapes, from the open plains to the bush, woodlands and wetlands. The mighty Rufiji River flows through the park, teeming with playful but quite dangerous hippos and Nile crocodiles. Make the most of it just in a day!
mikumi crocodile
From € 450
Zanzibar - Mikumi National Park - Zanzibar
Get yourself a day of wild wonders with our day tour to Mikumi National Park. Mikumi is often called the Small Serengeti. This park is less crowded with tourists. We give you a return scenic flight directly from beach to bush,where an exciting game drive awaits you. Encounter a diverse array of wildlife, from common species like giraffes, elephants, wildebeest and lions, to occasionally spotted jackals and hyenas. This experience promises to fill your day with unforgettable safari moments to recall many years to come.
Just € 290
Bush Meets the Beach Safari from Zanzibar
A thrilling day full of water taxi rides and 4×4 game drives in this corner of Eastern Tanzania where “bush meets the beach”. Saadani stands out as the only national park where the untamed wilderness seamlessly blends with pristine sandy shores. Imagine the extraordinary spectacle of lions leisurely strolling along the beach, offering a rare sight that beautifully combines the majesty of wildlife with the tranquility of the ocean.
Full day € 650
1-Day Black Rhino Fly-in Safari from Zanzibar
This rare adventure from Zanzibar to Mkomazi National Park features a traditional game drive, and an exclusive rhino viewing with a focus on the critically endangered black rhinos in the heart of the national park. Witness the rare beauty of black rhinos in their natural environment, making this a conservation-focused adventure of a lifetime. Don't miss this rare opportunity!

What can you do In Zanzibar?

Of course you can have a great time relaxing on the beach when you are staying in Zanzibar.  The island has some of the best beaches in the world. Did you know that we organise many other activities in and around Zanzibar?

Kilimanjaro day trips:

From € 700
Scenic Helicopter Flight Kilimanjaro
Soar into the African sky and indulge in an ultimate luxury amidst Kilimanjaro’s grandeur. This premium, unique experience promises an exclusive encounter with the majestic peaks, breathtaking vistas and unforgettable moments high above the African wilderness. We teamed up with the official Kilimanjaro helicopter resque team. You will never forget this flight.
From € 240
Shira Plateau (3600 m): Jeep Ascent & Hike
Join our fun expedition to Shira Plateau in Kilimanjaro? This compact, budget-friendly and beautiful journey through diverse landscapes, from tropical forests to the mysterious heathers and moorland zone, will add up so much to your safari adventure. The magic of one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Africa in a single unforgettable day has never been so easily accessible!

Day trips from Arusha or Moshi:

From € 195
Serval Wildlife Sanctuary and Chemka Hotsprings
Serval Wildlife offers an ultimate wildlife experience. Animals are ethically obtained from zoos, and injured animals from the wild with the aim of rehabilitating them into the wild. The guides of the sanctuary treat and train animals to prepare them for release into their natural habitat within Tanzania national parks.
From € 60
Marangu Nature & Culture: Coffee Tour, Waterfall, Chagga and Masai History
You will hike through the foothills of Kilimanjaro, and spend a day among the culture of Marangu mountain village. Swim in the waterfall, harvest and process coffee beans in a traditional way swinging your body to the songs of the villagers, taste freshly-cooked Chagga dishes during lunch, learn the history and the customs of Chagga mountain tribe.

Day trips from Dodoma:

dane wines-small
From € 110
Dodoma Biological Wine Tour
Revelation for all wine lovers from around the globe! Did you know that Tanzania is the second-largest African wine producer, after famous South Africa? Welcome to Dodoma, the capital of the country in central Tanzania to taste organic biological wine from the vineyards that the region is rightly proud of.
From € 95
Kondoa Irangi Rock Painting
Join us for a day tour from Dodoma to Kondoa District, where you will uncover one of Tanzania's UNESCO World Heritage Sites — the impressive Kondoa Rock Art. We will take you on a scenic drive through the countryside of central Tanzania, observing the nature of a semi-deserted region and local culture around.

Day trips from Dar es Salaam and Iringa:

dar es salaam
From € 55
Dar es Salaam City Tour
Feel the vibrant energy of an African metropolis with our captivating Dar es Salaam city tour. Our cheerful and knowledgeable local guide will take you on a delightful stroll to discover the city's most iconic landmarks. Dar es Salaam isthe largest city in Tanzania, with an estimated population of around 6 million people, this lively city will captivate you.
Ruaha Park zebra's
From € 235
Ruaha National Park - 1 day Safari
It is remote. It is huge. It is untamed and wild. Is it worth it? You bet it is! Ruaha is East Africa’s second-largest national park and it is simply like no other. We will take you on an amazing day trip from Iringa town to this magnificent hidden gem for up-close encounters with lions, countless elephants and birds not found elsewhere. You will be one of the lucky few who went there.
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