Design Your Individual Dream Trip​

At Luna’s Wild Rides, creativity doesn’t have limits. Your safari must be a once in a life time experience. It must me a trip that you will never forget!
Our travel specialists like to get to know you and work with you personally: We design a trip tailored to your wishes, preferences and needs. You can become an author of your own journey, and we will advise how to make it smart in terms of logistics, budget, time and impressions.

With our custom safari service, you can choose:

  • Combo of few African countries: optimize it and visit 2-3 strikingly different countries within one trip
  • Blend of the most legendary destinations and hidden gems of Africa: from award-winning Serengeti to least visited Ruaha, Mkomazi or Lake Tanganyika; from renowned Zanzibar to pristine Mafia Island or Kilwa Kisiwani; from majestic Kilimanjaro’s foothills to it’s “younger sister” Mt Meru or Usambara Mountains range
  • Diversity of accommodation experiences: from adventurous camping in the tents in the middle of savannah or on the mountain slopes to unmatched luxurious safari lodges with all amenities; from authentic bungalows to boutique hotels or chic beach resorts. Choose your style, or try more than one in your journey! 
  • Special occasions: we will cater for your expectations either you are on a honeymoon, planning to make a proposal, celebrating birthday, or are on a business trip or a team-building event
  • Special diet and any other extras for you are always arranged upon prior request

We value your time: we can make an appointment to meet with you in the Netherlands, or visit you in your location for your special request. 

Fill our custom safari wizard, or simply call us. The sky is the limit when it comes to planning of custom trips at Luna’s Wild Rides.

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