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Dare to embark on your once-in-a-lifetime journey, but don’t know how to start planning your trip? Wanna chill out in a more than exotic place, but not sure how to make your vacation enjoyable and avoid unnecessary stress? Our answer is simple: trust this to the local professionals.

Trusted  Guides of Your Lifetime Adventure

Luna’s Wild Rides is a successful and experienced team of experts in African safari. Each of us has an impressive background in the industry. We will show you the top world destinations and least explored secrets of Eastern and Southern Africa during a magical safari, exciting sea excursions and visits to ancient tribes, Kilimanjaro climbing, and other thrilling adventures.

We offer not only the most popular safari packages, but also tailor-made tours designed especially for you, to make your dreams come true and follow the call of your heart! All members of our team are utterly in love with wild, mystical, pristine Africa. Tanzania is our main focus and our home. Are you ready to join us? Let’s hit the road!

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Meet our team:

“Based on my own African travel experience, I am here to answer all your questions and advice you in a professional and friendly manner. I accompany you online from the moment you take the first step towards your travel dream.”

Sales manager & travel advisor

“Online and marketing are my tasks. I am also a professional photographer, a sailor and enthusiastic tour leader who can help you to get the most out of your travel- and wildlife photography.”

Marketing & web Manager

“I will guide you throughout your journey to the top, will provide a helping hand and a reliable shoulder in the tough moments of your summit. I am caring, knowledgeable, professional, first aid trained”

Senior Mountain Guide & Instructor

“Our guests say that I am gifted to spot the rarest species in the vast expanses of African protected areas, savannah and forests. I can’t wait to share my in-depth knowledge of our wildlife with you”

Professional Safari Driver Guide

“My goal is to show you the beauty of my home country. I will spot a lion for you, I will do my best to find a leopard, and I know the plentiful species of antelopes and birds. Relax, and let me guide you through the wonders of Africa”

Professional Safari Driver Guide

“Born and raised in Zanzibar, I like to share all the secrets of the rich history, bright culture, diverse flora and fauna of our archipelago with you. I will happily guide you all over the islands, either it is on the land or in the ocean. I am in love with Zanzibar. You will be too”
David Robert

Zanzibar Guide

“I am professional and punctual driver in Zanzibar, who will welcome you as you step out of the airplane, and take you through the length and breadth of the island. With comfort, safety, and at any time of the day or night – I am at your service”
Ali Hamad

Zanzibar Driver

“Being a Masai, I will open up the friendly world of my ancient tribe to you, and walk you into our traditional lifestyle, survival skills and ceremonies. How high can you jump? Let’s find it out as your participate in our famous Masai jump dance”

Local Guide for Etno-excursions

“Let me walk you into the magic world of African bright birds and other creatures that may be hidden from your eyes during the game drive. I am trained to distinguish over 450 bird species, even just by their call. I constantly live in African bush, away from civilization”

Local bird watching Guide

“The master of all behind-the-scenes activity with extensive experience in coordinating safari tours. Your adventure in the mainland Tanzania starts and ends with my welcoming smile and hand-shake. I make sure that you make the most out of your journey”

Operations manager

“The beating heart behind Luna’s Wild Rides project. Being in love with Africa since childhood, I passionately create unique, travel itineraries that no one else will offer you. I am a coordinator, reservations manager, and your guide to places inaccessible to mass tourism”

Co-founder & director

“A Master of Medicine by profession with extensive history of studying and working in Europe, my heart has always belonged to Tanzania where I was born and raised. By co-founding Luna’s Wild Rides, I strive to show Africa as a cradle of a humankind”
Dr. Lu

Co-founder & director

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