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Welcome to Luna’s Wild Rides, your friendly local tour guides in our beautiful country. We take pride in being a boutique Tanzanian tour operator, offering a personal touch that big international agencies simply can’t match. We’re all about building connections and celebrating individuality, ensuring you get personal service, meticulous attention to detail, and excellent value for your money.

Since 2016, Luna’s Wild Rides has been officially licensed to create unforgettable travel experiences in Tanzania. Whether you’re looking for a tailor-made adventure or one of our top itineraries, every trip is uniquely designed by us with you in mind.

Let’s create your perfect Tanzanian adventure together!

Sustainable travel

Luna’s Wild Rides is an officially recognized Tanzanian travel operator, strongly committed to sustainable eco-friendly travel.
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Top itineraries in 2024:

Machame Route
9 days Kilimanjaro
Zanzibar beach
Yoga retreat
2 Day Safari
Ngorongo Crater
Northern Circuit
11 day climb to the top
Grand Tour
8 days Tanzania
4 day mountain & animals
Mt. Meru & Arusha
Lions & Seafood Adventure
7 days Safari & Zanzibar
4 days packed with safari
Manyara, Serengeti & Ngorongoro
Hidden gems of Tanzania
12 days of safari, music, sailing  & beach
2 days on Kilimanjaro
Mandara Hut Hike
1 day safari
Ruaha National Park
Zanzibar & Tanzania North
15 days Super Safari
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Guest reviews:
Life Adventure in Tanzania Revelation ! LUNA'S WILD RIDES really takes you! They will take you to the heart of Africa and show you what you want to see and more, but remember nature does not wait! After the rainforests of Costa Rica and trekking among the Papuans in New Guinea, it's time for an African safari. The choice fell accidentally on Luna's Wild Rides by safaribookings.com Organization of the trip at the highest level, you don't have to worry about anything! Quick contact if necessary, all arrangements for the client. Transport and comfortable hotels. Overall, the whole team is well-coordinated! Compared to other tour operators, Luna's Wild Rides is at the forefront. This is very important, because the African safari is the trip of a lifetime. We visited Tarangire and Ngorongoro National Parks. Both are different, each has its own vibe. The kids preferred Tarangire, I preferred crater! Our guide Rashid - very experienced, known and liked everywhere, provided us with a large dose of adrenaline. The youth was shocked. We wanted to see the big five, and there were over thirty! Hunting live cheetahs, lionesses within arm's reach (I didn't dare), elephants, giraffes, zebras, wildebeest, buffalo ... it's routine. Over 1000 HD photos, it is not known which is better. I will definitely come back here and I will definitely choose Luna's Wild Rides because they love Africa! Yes Rashid! We are Family ! Many thanks to Anastasia! Competitive expedition, worth your money!
Makala Travel And Adventures Co. Ltd
Makala Travel And Adventures Co. Ltd
Perfect safari in africa I had a perfect safari where we have seen a lot of animals, the driver was knowledgable and he was all charming plus the car was perfect. I shall return back to Africa using their company again. Asante sana/Thank you so much
Great safari and Kilimanjaro excursion in 3 days! I had the pleasure to get linked to Luna Safari and they did a great job. Ana was very responsive which is great.I travelled alone and had only a few days on the mainland and managed to do Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Kilimanjaro waterfalls also!Great hotel in Arusha called Arusha Safari Lodge.The only downside was that the camp site wasn’t clean within 2 hrs of group arrival and the food was below their usual standards. I fed this back and Ana as well as Mahmoud were v apologetic and reassured they would deal with that for future purposes. Last but not least, Steven the driver is super sweet and makes you feel safe. He even bought me a local coffee before my departure 🥹
Elena K
Elena K
Great Service! Anastasia has helped us greatly in making our trip smooth and affordable. She connected us with goo rental company whose gear made our summit of Kilimanjaro warm and comfy. Moreover, she always responded fast in any questions and assisted us in moving around Tanzania. She knows some nice and good drivers!
Ira Y
Ira Y
Amazing service It was very unusual and interesting, how many beautiful places. Marangu village in Moshi, stunning waterfall, climbing Kilimanjaro, 6 amazing days, such beautiful African nature accompanied by excellent guides, and Safari and evening dances at the campsite. I am very grateful to Anastasia for the excellent accompaniment and such impressions, I highly recommend
Organised by good people! My wife and me met Ana from Luna’s Wild Rides in the Summer of 2022, while she was in the Netherlands. She runs a great organisation in Tanzania
Сергій К
Сергій К
Must visit Experience, views, people, nature, accommodation, attitude all was on the highest level, we all stayed very satisfied with or choice!
Mahmoud F
Mahmoud F
Amazing Luna and her team were really professional, everything went very smooth, I also recommended Luna for my friends and they were all very satisfied
3N/4D safari We did a 3 night/4 day safari and really enjoyed it! We had a really good and wild experience in Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro. The guide, the cook and all the staff from the differents lodges were kind and helpful. We'd do it again!
Недельное сафари по югу Танзании Мы отправились в недельное сафари по югу Танзании в феврале 2022 года. Посетили три национальных парка, видели много животных, жизнь танзанийцев. Очень хороший контраст для тех, кто привык к пляжному отдыху и отелям all inclusive. Национальный колорит, русскоговорящий гид, пунктуальный водитель.
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